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Micah Network Partnership Guidelines

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A reading of the Micah Network Partnership guidelines, attentive to issues related to gender


The Micah Network Partnership Guidelines are a practical expression of the shared beliefs, values and commitment to integral mission within the Micah Network.  

During the strategic conversation on gender, the reading of these Partnership guidelines was guided by a woman from a Micah Network member, described in the partnership guidelines as an implementing partner in Africa.  The following notes, which emerged from that reading, are based on the existing guidelines.  They draw attention to some specific areas of need in relation to challenges presented by inequality, injustice, poverty and marginalisation related to gender:

Integral Mission

Micah Network partners are committed to integral mission and sustainable, transformational development that promotes justice and equality.

Organisational development

  • Supporting Partners commit to strengthening capacities of Implementing Partners to promote, design and implement policies, programmes and projects which reflect the needs, priorities and interests of both women and men and support gender equality.
  • Supporting Partners promote and support Implementing Partners organizational change that contributes to gender equality.


Micah Network partners will be committed to renew and refresh leadership, and develop young leaders – both male and female, and nurture leadership among marginalized and non traditional leadership groups through:

  • Advocating for marginalized groups, including females to take up leadership and building their capacity to lead.
  • Developing policies that promote inclusion of all segments of the community in decision-making
  • Providing organisational support and accompaniment of female leaders in contexts where female leadership is rejected.


  • Implementing Partners and Supporting partners will ensure inclusion and fair representation of men and women in governance and ensure equal participation in decision-making.

Cultural values

  • Supporting Partners will not impose external cultural values , but will engage with, enable and support Implementing Partners as they raise their voices against the causes of poverty, including cultural practices that fuel injustice.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Partners will be committed to regular participatory and collaborative monitoring and evaluation, acknowledging that projects and programmes affect men and women differently.
  • Implementing Partners will be committed to an effective monitoring system of how their work impacts on the different segments of the communities they serve, by collecting data and information which is disaggregated according to gender.
  • Implementing Partners will integrate gender equality into project results and develop gender sensitive performance indicators at the output, outcome and impact levels.