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Mosaic Film Project - Seeds (English)

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Seeds Bible Study

It was Mother Teresa who said “We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. She felt that what she was doing was small, and yet her work is known about around the world, and she has inspired many people to lives of radical service of the poor in the name of Jesus. Why do you think she thought of her work as ‘small’?


Read Matthew 13:24-33

  1. In this passage Jesus gives us three examples of what ‘the kingdom of heaven’ is like. We often think of heaven as somewhere different to earth, but Jesus is talking about the kingdom of heaven growing here amongst us. What do you understand the kingdom of heaven to be? (by the way, it’s called ‘the kingdom of God’ in the other gospels)

  2. How does the kingdom of heaven appear?

  3.  Are you a gardener or a baker? Whilst we don’t have the power to make seeds grow, or make yeast work, there are things we can do to help the process - what are they?

  4. Tell the group about some of the seeds you’ve planted (or would like to plant) and are hoping to see grow - and then pray that they do.