Listen to Under-the-Tree Conversations

At the KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH Consultation, members and friends of Micah Global shared ‘Under a Tree’ on topics where they have knowledge, wisdom and experience. Here is a selection from around the world. Others will be added over time.

Kuki Rokhum: Creation Care

Kuki Rokhum of EFICOR in Indian talks about her passion for creation care within our Christian calling.

Michel Kenmogne: Language and Flourishing

Micah Kenmogne of SIL looks at the theme of Kushamiri from the lenses of language. More specifically, I suggest that language can either unlock and expand possibilities for flourishing or hinder and lock them. In this presentation, I will briefly explore flourishing as a missional concept and consider some of the ways in which language interacts with it. The end-result will be to invite us all to consider the ways in which we can work in synergy in order to enhance our collaboration with God to see his glory manifested in His entire creation as people understand his purposes, pursue and experience flourishing in all aspects of their lives.

Dave Bookless: Can Humanity Flourish without Destroying the Planet?

Dave Bookless of A Rocha explores the following questions: Does human development and flourishing have to mean nature’s destruction? Can we find ways of lifting people out of poverty and finding fulfilling work which also protect and enhance wildlife and the natural world, which God has entrusted to our care? What does the Bible have to say about true flourishing?


Martin Kapenda: Debt Relief and Flourishing

Martin Kapenda of Micah Global in Zambia talks about debt and debt relief in his home country.

Bettelies Westerbeek: Integral mission in a secular world

Bettelies Westerbeek, a pastor from The Netherlands, shares a community based example of integral mission in a secular world.

Deborah Hancox: Relationship between congregations and Christian development organisations

Deborah Hancox from the Micah Global Secretariat shares some of her empirical research regarding the relationship between congregations and Christian development organisations in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Mwawi Chilongozi: The church’s role in socio-economic empowerment of rural women.

Mwawi Chilongozi, pastor and church leader from Malawi speaks about village savings and loan groups are proving to be a tool of socio-economic empowerment of rural women and alleviate extreme poverty. Women who are involved in such groups are becoming financially independent and contributing to the household income. What is the role of the church in promoting such initiatives?

Dustin Stiver: Network leadership and Community Building

Dustin Stiver shares his research findings related to network leadership: the act of community building. He discusses how you can design an effective network structure, create favorable conditions for collaboration, and steward a network that grows and thrives.

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