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Micah’s Mission: Rooted in the Gospel, we become agents of change together with communities by:

  • Inspiring, equipping and enabling one another to respond effectively in word and deed
  • Uniting, mobilising and standing together to address poverty, injustice and conflict with a clear prophetic voice

We aim to motivate and equip a global community of Christians to embrace and practice integral mission

Rationale in choice of words:

Motivate: to encourage and inspire

Equip: to resource, train and disciple

Global: in all regions and countries

Community of Christians: drawn from

  • Aid / NGO organisations
  • mission organisations
  • academic / training institutes
  • local congregations
  • networks
  • alliances
  • denominational secretariats
  • individuals

Embrace: to wholeheartedly accept and commit to

Practice: to apply, live out effectively

Integral mission: proclamation and demonstration of God’s love