M.Phatic talks

M.Phatics – short talks that inspire, challenge and change

KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH Micah Global Consultation September 2021

One of the community contributions for KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH Micah Global Consultation 2021 was the M.Phatics short talks to inspire, challenge and change. Any participant or Micah member could share a ten-minute talk on any topic they are passionate about that relates to flourishing.

These talks cover topics ranging from supporting healthy parenting to climate justice, and the First 1000 Days of a child’s life to land and spatial justice, and the Church in Lebanon shining in difficult times, and many more.

 Enjoy the variety of thoughts from a diverse group of people who long to see the kingdom of God ‘come on earth as it is in heaven‘ and Jesus followers being involved in seeing the mission of God fulfilled in communities.


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