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Micah Global gathers news from our members around the globe and also from our broader community. We aim to share news that will shine light on injustice and suffering, and that we will be witnesses to hope and change. We share news stories to remind us to pray and work and act for the common good of communities around the globe. We share stories to bring hope and light and to keep mobilising for the global Church to lead the way in true transformation and shalom. If you have a news story please email it to

CTE Presidents call all churches to address racial injustice in church life and wider society

August 2020

Presidents of Churches Together in England, named below, with the support of the Fourth Presidency Group, have issued a statement calling on churches to travel together on the journey of racial justice, addressing injustices both within our church life and in wider society. They write…

 We as Presidents of Churches Together in England have responded to the killing of George Floyd in the United States, and the widespread call for real change to combat racial injustice in our world, above all in our own country. We have spent time over the past few weeks listening to voices of people from the black community, especially the younger generation. This has been a deeply moving experience and illustrated powerfully the many profound changes of heart and actions that need to be made. The attitude that regards black people – and indeed other people of ethnic minorities – as inferior is evil and mars our common humanity. We challenge this unreservedly, recognising the constant experiences of racism, including micro aggression, which black people face.

Introducing our Incoming International Coordinator

July 2020

The Board of Micah Global is very pleased to announce the appointment of Deborah Hancox as the incoming International Coordinator.

Christine MacMillan, the Micah Global Chair, noted that the process of selection has taken a bit longer than originally hoped for, as the Board agreed to a robust discernment process. “When we started the global recruitment process for a new global leader, we appointed an internationally and culturally diverse panel of five board members from Asia, Latin America, Africa, North America and the Pacific to help lead the process and prayerfully discern who would help lead Micah into the next season. We are so thankful to God that the person he brought us is such a great fit for the future of Micah’s global work.”

WEA Expresses Concerns about Israeli Annexation Plans in West Bank

Deerfield, IL – June 23, 2020

As a global family made of various nations and ethnicities, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is guided and informed by the Biblical principles of diversity, reconciliation and peaceful co-operation and co-existence. While recognizing the right of self-determination by any nation and the right of any nation to defend itself from harm, the WEA expresses deep concerns over plans for Israel to annex large areas of the West Bank.

WEA joins National Association of Evangelicals in Lamenting Racial Injustice, Calling for Prayer amid Recent Turmoil

Deerfield, IL – June 2, 2020

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) joins the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), its national member body in the United States, in lamenting the recent killing of a black unarmed man at the hands of a white police officer – a symptom of the racial injustice that continues to exist in the country. The WEA and evangelicals worldwide join together praying for an end to the violence that is overshadowing peaceful protests.

Open Letter to the Church World Refugee Day 2020

By Thomas P. Albinson  – 22 June 2020

Few would disagree that the world is not as it should be. It feels like we are on a mutinous ship sailing off course into a hurricane in a war zone. And as much as we would like to focus on solving one crisis at a time, we have little choice but to deal with them all at the same time.

Among the challenges we need to keep on our radar is the escalating global refugee crisis. As is true for other great challenges of the 21st Century, the Church has potential to be an important part of the solution if she will dare stand up, speak out and take action.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Resources

24 March 2020

One of the strengths of being in a network such as Micah is that we have gifted and skilled members whose experiences can be shared throughout the network and wider Christian community so as to enable us all to be informed and effective in each of our own contexts, as we seek to be examples and witnesses.

You can view the resources we have so far. This information page will grow as members send in their stories their resources and learning and we can all benefit from one another. If you have materials to add please send to:

The Church, Covid-19 and Integral Mission

by Martin Kapenda, National Coordinator – Micah Zambia

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and on the 11th of March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global pandemic. Normal life in many places has since been affected. COVID-19 is not just a healthy issue. It has also revealed different layers of socio-economic inequality in most of the countries. For instance, in the United Kingdom people from BAME (BLACK ASIANS AND MINORITY ETHNIC) communities appear to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19. In the United States of America which has a higher number of Minorities than the UK, people of color (African Americans/Hispanic/Native Americans), have been some of the most affected. According to Sherita Golden (John Hopkins Medicine 4/2020), disproportionate rates of COVID -19 illness and death in Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native communities are more than in white communities. These communities, says Golden, “share common social and economic factors, already in place before the pandemic, that increased their risk for COVID-19”. She further observes that risk factors for people of colour include, living in crowded housing conditions, working in essential fields, inconsistent access to health care, and stress and immunity. Some of these factors also apply to communities at risk in other parts of the world.

A Micah Global Community Update

15 April 2020

Micah Global announces the transition of leadership of the Chairperson of the Board as Kennedy Dhanabalan hands over to Christine MacMillan. Please read their letters to the Micah community below. If you have any queries, please email

16 March 2020

A number of gatherings have been postponed due to concerns around COVID-19 transmission.

Micah Cameroon Roundtable leadership and Integral Mission conversations set for later in March have been postponed.

Micah Malaysia has postponed the Living God’s Story gathering in May.

Micah Bangladesh has postponed its National Consultation and AGM in March.

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