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10 yrs of Remembrance, Thankfulness & Celebration

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30 July 2015

In recognition of the United Nations' World Day Against Trafficking of Persons, recognised today, International Justice Mission (IJM) have shared this reflection from Christa Hayden Sharpe, their Cambodia Field Office Director.


10 years of Remembrance, Thankfulness & Celebration

The value of looking back

As member agencies with powerful missions, facing urgent needs and engaging with unimaginable violence, we often find ourselves looking forward and focusing on the pain of this world. But, God is clear that we are also to live and serve in the disciplines of remembrance, thankfulness and celebration.

Human trafficking in Cambodia: 10 years ago

I remember thousands of children openly prostituted in brothels. I remember a decimated public justice system filled with officials who had almost no training and were feared by the very people who needed them most. I remember a private aftercare system that was small, weak and uncoordinated.

The impossible is possible

What seemed impossible 10 years ago has become possible. We can look back and see more progress, more miracles, and more lives restored than we imagined. When we choose to remember what was, we can see more clearly what is, which gives us hope for what can be.

A time to celebrate

I celebrate the combined efforts of the public justice system, prevention programs and social workers that have led to a dramatic decrease in prevalence of the commercial sexual exploitation of minors over the past decade. I celebrate the thousands of citizens who have been educated and empowered to courageously identify, report and prevent trafficking and abuse. What we have all seen is that justice for the poor is possible. We can have hope as we work to expand the progress made in this fight.

Seek the Lord and His strength; seek his presence continually. Remember the wonderful works he has done, his miracles… Psalm 105:4-5a


To learn more about World Day Against Trafficking of Persons, click here and follow #igivehope on social media.