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African Christian Leaders Call to End Corruption

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26 May 2014

A pan-African leadership initiative in Ghana has issued a resounding call to fight corruption among governments and multi-national corporations.

Leaders at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) – including a representative of the President of Ghana – signed a declaration calling on the G20 to ‘take a stand against greed, secret deals and the abuse of public influence’.

The declaration targets bribery and tax evasion in both multi-national companies and government officials. It claims corruption costs developing countries around $850bn in 2010 alone, and proclaims corruption to be ‘an act of injustice against the poor’.

The anti-corruption initiative, which is part of the Exposed campaign, calls on the G20 to make multi-nationals more transparent in their financial affairs. The declaration was signed by a representative of the President of Ghana, the Chief Justice and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament – an unprecedented level of state support for the ABLI forum, which is now in its fourth year.  All three state leaders were presented with copies of the Bible.

Conference Moderator, British peer Lord Paul Boateng, said, ‘At no other ABLI have we had this degree of support from the legislature, executive and judiciary.  The three arms of the state have come together at this time to join the call for a Bible-based transformation, and for that we truly need to give thanks.’

The anti-corruption declaration called on the G20 to ‘enforce measures against international bribery.’ Singling out multi-national mining companies in particular, the declaration says large corporations should be made to record every payment made and make those records available for public scrutiny.

‘The story across Africa is lawlessness, confusion, selfishness, hatred, violence bribery and corruption,’ the Chief Justice of Ghana, Mrs Georgina Wood, told delegates. 

‘We in Africa are richly endowed. We want to transform the continent into a healthy, hard-working, peaceful and prosperous people.’

Calling for a return to Biblical truth that would foster integrity in leadership, she continued:  ‘Integrity is the key for real leadership transformation in Africa. My hope is that ABLI will be a catalyst for real change in African leadership at all levels in African society.’

The Ghanaian Parliament gave its full endorsement to that vision of Biblical transformation, said the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ebo Barton-Oduro. ‘We embrace leadership that emphasises biblical standards of integrity and justice. We are solidly behind ABLI in its efforts to transform society.’

The ABLI conference continues in Accra, Ghana, until Saturday. Themes include conflict resolution and peace keeping. Concern has already been raised about the growing insecurity in Nigeria and South Sudan.

‘This is a time of great risk,’ said Paul Boateng. ‘The disappearance of innocent children just a few hundred miles from Accra [in Nigeria] has shaken the world. We cannot be blind to the risks of the times, to peace and security, whether in Nigeria, the Sudan or the Ukraine.’


Author: Richard Franklin

This article was originally publish by The Bible Society on May 22nd, 2014. You can access the original article by clicking here