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22 July 2011

After years of delivering aid to countries around the world the question arises as to how effective has aid really been?

In Micah Network we encourage members to wrestle with this question as we also look to address the question of effectiveness and impact through the lens of holistic transformation.

One of the added value strengths of being a part of Micah Network is that there is opportunity to learn from one another and cooperate to increase our impact.

In the UK a relatively new initiative has been launched that seeks to investigate how effective aid delivery has been that the UK has funded.

The extra below is a brief introduction to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI):

Their three-year plan can be read and downloaded here:

Take a look at the questions they raise?

Extract: About ICAI


Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) is the independent body responsible for scrutiny of UK aid. ICAI focuses on maximising the impact and effectiveness of the UK aid budget for recipients and the delivery of value for money for the UK taxpayer.

With scope to look at all UK Official Development Assistance (ODA), ICAI will scrutinise ODA spend in all government departments.

Led by a Chief Commissioner, Graham Ward CBE, ICAI reports to Parliament through the House of Commons International Development Committee. This ensures both independence and accountability.

ICAI is a unique body that will publish transparent, impartial and objective reports on the effectiveness of UK aid. ICAI will ensure that its recommendations lead to change by providing evidence-based feedback into Government decision-making. ICAI recommendations will play a role in supporting the UK to spend aid on what works best.

ICAI will balance value for money with delivery and impact on the ground and the voice of developing country partners. It will promote delivery of maximum benefit to recipients in a way that is efficient and effective for the UK taxpayer.