A Micah Global Community Update

15 April 2020

Micah Global announces the transition of leadership of the Chairperson of the Board as Kennedy Dhanabalan hands over to Christine MacMillan. Please read their letters to the Micah community below. If you have any queries, please email chair@micahglobal.org

From Kennedy Dhanabalan


As we all struggle globally with the challenge of a pandemic that knows no national boundaries, and you as a church or mission agency respond to the human need as part of our calling, it is my pleasure to write to all of you as Co-worker in Christ Jesus committed to the work of Integral Mission. The Micah Global network with its members around the world is a unique gathering of the body of Christ, and one I have appreciated having the chance to lead as the Chair of the Board over these past couple of years. 

This month we enter a new season for Micah. As we make this transition it is good to recognise and celebrate Sheryl’s contributions to the leadership of Micah for the past decade. As we look to the future, we approach this new time with an excitement for what the Lord has in store for the next chapter of Micah Global. An important part of that new chapter is our work to identify a new leader, and we are launching our search for the new Micah Global leader in the coming days. I encourage you all to join me in prayer for the process, as well as circulate this information. 

I also want to let you know that my tenure as the Chair of Micah has come to an end. I will remain on the Micah Board, but am pleased to hand the Chair over to Christine MacMillan. Christine has been associated with Micah for more than 15 years, serving on the Board of Micah Challenge since 2010 and then from 2015 onwards, on the Board of Micah Global. She brings a wealth of experience to the role. The Board is excited about her appointment. Matthew Maury will continue to serve as the Vice Chair through this period, and David Boul as the Treasurer and Board Secretary.

At its essence, Micah Global is a network of members – and we look forward to continuing to see this network thrive and grow. As a new leader takes the reigns in the coming months we will keep you informed about any news updates pertinent to the membership through our monthly newsletter.

If you have questions or comments, you are more than welcome to contact any of the Board Members at any point in time.

Blessings to you all,

Kennedy Dhanabalan

Thank you

On behalf of the Micah Global Board we have been so grateful for Kennedy’s leadership. He has served with a humility that has his leadership marked with respect for others. You cannot be with Kennedy too long before you see him break into a smile. His joy is infectious and brings those in his presence into a place of peaceful engagement.

Kennedy’s focus on listening is not without deep consideration for what he is taking in. We can be grateful for his wisdom and direction as one who has led with a spirit of  collaboration. Above all, knowing Kennedy is recognizing his Lord that lives within. A man of principled ethics in Christ.

We are grateful that Kennedy will remain as a member of the Micah Global Board and I personally look forward to working with him in the days to come.

With grateful thanks.


From Christine MacMillan

Questions continue to become more important to me than ready made answers. I recall when serving on the Board of Micah Challenge plans to merge with Micah Network to form what is now Micah Global. A merger that had us asking some questions of our respective identities. One word, however, would remain in our name –  that being Micah. Perhaps the second word found in our organisational titles past and present is still worthy of consideration, for “challenge”, “network” and “global” still hold significant focus.

So, if questions are more important to me than immediate answers, what do I find in a question that I do not find in an answer? Questions challenge me to network answers with others; coming up with answers that impact not just on my little world but broad enough to consider others – a global perspective, you might say.

The source of a question also influences me. The character of the one who asks informs me of the relevance, integrity and authenticity of their question. Questions when waiting for an answer give room for reflection and respect. Lately I have termed such a process as “circle learning”. We see and hear one another on equal terms but from various perspectives.

Circle tables do not have Board Chairs sitting in a position of ultimate authority. They value the hearing of many voices and facilitate full participation and delivery. What does the Lord require of me, of us? Great questions offer both an individual and community challenge to form answers that are lived from within and without

A few years ago, I wrote a book with two co-authors entitled: When Justice is the Measure. The book had us coin a phrase: Living Right while Righting Wrongs. Creating an atmosphere for Micah Global to thrive, I believe, is dependent on our personal and collective witness. To engage in “doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God” is impossible to achieve without self-awareness and community practice.

In the midst of covid19 there are plenty of discussions on what will bring us together again. Social distancing has Micah events on hold. Can being stopped in our tracks have us ask some provocative questions for Micah Global? I have heard much debate on the matter of masks in the pandemic we find ourselves in. Understandably, protection is critical in these days of far too many deaths.

But perhaps we can think of this in another way.  What are the masks God would have us remove as members of Micah Global? Could we together pray: Lord, help us remove the mask of our inconsiderate treatment of others as we explore justice principles, a heart of mercy in removing the mask of judgment and in the midst of putting on our masks of stress and tension, ease us into a humility that walks together with you and one another, O Lord?   

Looking forward to pursing questions in the journey of our mutual faith in Christ.

Christine MacMillan