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Asia Regional Consultation - April 2020

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05 August 2019

A significant part of each of our lives is lived in the public square. This is where our shared concerns for society and its wellbeing are expressed, debated and worked out. At a national level this would take place in government platforms, and at grass-roots level this would take place in community based platforms, whether that be at the neighbourhood centres, local authorities or at local religious gatherings.

The public square includes transactions and the way we transact in the market places. It incorporates all the service-driven requirements to enable community wellbeing. The spaces where such discussions and governance take place are therefore an integral part of the public square. Increasingly we see that social media and virtual spaces are being used as places of public square engagement.

What is the role of the church in the public square?

We start by exploring “Why does the church exist? How should it be expressed and engaged in the world?”

This regional consultation seeks to unpack the why and the how and what the church’s role and responsibility is in the public square within the Asian context. As a minority faith group, often restricted and marginalised, the space to engage is often assumed to be too difficult? Through robust discussion, drawing on theology and good practice examples, we hope to discern what God is calling us to say and do (integral mission), both regionally and nationally in Asia.

Aims and Objectives of Consultation

  • To understand, articulate and contextualise our theology for the public square.
  • To rethink church and mission in view of our understanding of the Kingdom of God and what is required of us.
  • To outline our understanding of what a flourishing community looks like, and to explore good practice approaches to enable communities to live life in all its fullness.
  • To review the role of the aid and mission organisations, local churches, faith groups, government and business in the pursuit of a healthy and integrated community.
  • To explore what discipling a nation entails and how we can effectively advocate for good policies and practices to be applied. This includes the role of campaigning, lobbying and advocacy as a means for good and lasting change.
  • To discuss the emerging role of social media, communication, arts, music and research as an essential platform for awareness raising and advocating for good practice.
  • To re-think interfaith engagement towards a common good for our nations.
  • To explore peace and reconciliation processes within the public square.
  • To discern together the importance of engaging the up-and-coming generations in the public square.
  • To explore God’s Word and review our theologically understanding of God’s perspective for the church, the Kingdom of God and the Public Square.
  • To explore specific issues of concern within the Integral Mission and the Public Square including: disaster mitigation and resilience, conflict and reconciliation, good leadership, Kingdom lifestyle, restorative economy, gender-based violence, urban shalom, good governance, creation care and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Micah members will be given space to share learning around topics of interest, as well as to present papers on new initiatives and challenging reflections to prompt rich discussion and shared learning. Case studies from various contexts will be reviewed and opportunities to raise questions for further discussions will be provided throughout the week.

Micah Regional Consultations provide platforms for transnational and cross-cultural engagement around a shared vision.

The outcomes from consultations include partnerships and synergies being formed through the networking opportunities. Communities of Practice are set up to tackle identified issues of concern and to provide further ongoing learning. Advocacy initiatives are developed to address a justice change identified and a united action/ campaign implemented to enable the change. Collation of all the sessions and learning will be carried out and made available within the wider network.

If during the consultation a further outcome is identified, Micah has the flexibility to take this on and with member affirmation and support, implement it.

Core themes through an integral mission lens

  • Kingdom of God
  • Church and state
  • Life in all is fullness
  • SDGs and advocacy
  • Capitalism, socialism or another way
  • Good governance
  • Prophetic voice
  • Standing for truth
  • Communication skills: Writing
  • Advocacy and Political Action
  • Intimidating violence
  • Inter faith conflict resolution
  • Restoration
  • Asia and the environment
  • Church and community mobilisation:
  • Mental health
  • Social media, communications and networking:
  • Identity, gender, sexuality and public square
  • Interfaith reconciliation
  • Resilience
  • Building a campaign
  • Training for Integral Mission
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Urban shalom
  • Gender-based violence
  • Child protection
  • Human trafficking

What will it offer?

  • Dialogue and discussion about Integral Mission and the Public Square
  • Working groups that address topics with a theological and practical application so as to provide ideas for further application
  • Networking and synergies for cooperation and partnership
  • Opportunities to share best practices
  • Biblical and theological reflections
  • Worship and intercession

Who should be there?

  • Aid and mission organisationleaders and practitioners
  • Church leaders and pastors
  • Social activists
  • Youth leaders in Christian movements and churches
  • Theologians and lecturers.

Special Focus on Asia Young People

Recognising the important role of our up-and-coming leaders (18-35-years), Micah is planning to focus this consultation on hearing the view of young people in all sessions. We seek to have a percentage of 40-50% young people participating and those attending previous events have been and will continue to be consulted with regards topics, content and participation.


Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020, with arrivals encouraged for Sunday 19th April 2020.


Chang Gung Health and Culture Centre, Taoyuan, Taiwan


VISA Requirements

A VISA is required for some nationalities. Please check with your local embassy prior to travel. Participants are responsible for obtaining a VISA and all associated costs and paperwork. Micah Global can provide a visa support letter on request (refer to registration form). Visa on arrival to Taiwan is possible but names have to be submitted to Janet -

If you are able to get a visa before from your own country, that is fine. But if you would like to get one on arrival, your name needs to be on our list and we will submit it together to the government.

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