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Climate Stewards

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14 March 2016

Climate Stewards provides voluntary carbon offsetting to NGOs, mission organisations, churches, businesses and individuals. We believe that Jesus’s command to love our neighbour gives a strong mandate to Christians to take action on climate change, which affects our global neighbours first and worst. We know that many organisations have already taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint, for example by using skype and video-conferencing to replace face to face meetings.

However, we recognise that it is sometimes necessary to travel, and so we invite people to ‘reduce what you can and offset the rest’. Using their own data, information provided by travel agents or our carbon calculator, organisations and individuals can offset the carbon emissions from their flights (as well as land travel and office utilities).

Many of our donors choose to offset because it sends a clear message to their own partners and donors about their commitment to caring for God’s creation and our most vulnerable neighbours. Organisations which choose to offset with Climate Stewards include Tearfund, Compassion and A Rocha. People are often surprised to find that offsetting doesn’t cost the earth – for example a return flight from London to Nairobi would cost £31.14 to offset.  

In Ghana we work with A Rocha to help schools and local communities care for indigenous trees which not only lock up carbon, but improve livelihoods through agro-forestry and sustainable forest products, and restore local biodiversity as new forest areas are created.  In Kenya, our partner Paradigm provides fuel-efficient cookstoves, water filters and solar lights; and in Mexico our partner Scolel’te supports afforestation, forest restoration and agroforestry. Meanwhile, in the UK and the Netherlands, we are active in various campaigning groups advocating for climate justice.

For further information, please contact Climate Stewards Director, Caroline Pomeroy