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Dried Up, Drowned Out 2012

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19 June 2012

In Tearfund’s new report, Dried Up, Drowned Out 2012, communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America describe what it means to live with climate change. Initial reports from these communities in 2005, and in 2012 are available to show comparisons and changes.

Climate change is having an increasingly dramatic and harmful effect on communities in developing countries. An estimated 325 million people are seriously affected by climate change every year. This number is set to double within 20 years.

The experts quoted are not scientists but people whose lives are being dramatically impacted by climate change today. The report gives a human face to the statistics. Vulnerable communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America are living with changing weather patterns and uncertainty on a daily basis.

We hope that releasing Dried Up Drowned Out 2012 prior to Rio+20 will remind those attending of the urgent need to address climate change now. This is not a problem of the future but one that needs to be met today. Rio+20 will examine the links between environmental, social and economic concerns so the world can develop in a sustainable way. Tearfund hopes that the Summit will lead to greater international action on climate change, in particular through progress on decreasing global carbon emissions, raising the promised $100bn a year for climate finance and eliminating fossil fuel subsidies.

The communities surveyed in Dried Up, Drowned Out 2012 call on rich nations and their leaders to tackle injustice, nationally and internationally, and to pay attention to the views and experiences of the poor. I think you'll find the report of interest, and would encourage you to share it with others  - more information at

Tom Baker, Advocacy Alliance Manager, Tearfund UK