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EXPOSED - shining a light on corruption

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08 December 2011

EXPOSED - shining a light on corruption

Micah Challenge launches new campaign:

As we approach International Anti-Corruption Day on 9th December, churches and NGOs all over the world are uniting to campaign about this urgent issue.  This is why, in coalition with Bible Society of UK and America, Salvation Army and Unashamedly Ethical, we’ve chosen this date to launch our newest campaign EXPOSED, focussing on the link between corruption, poverty and good governance.

Corruption represents a major roadblock to achieving the MDGs.  Every year over US$1 trillion goes missing through corrupt practices.   This money doesn’t just evaporate but is deducted from the livelihood of some of the world’s poorest people.

EXPOSED is a new campaign aiming to mobilise Christians to join with wider society in exposing the practices that oppress the poor.

EXPOSED is not about aggressive protest for its own sake. It's about shining a light in order to bring hope and redemption.  We'll highlight examples of good practice as well as offer robust challenges to institutions which oppress the poor. 

Over the next two years, Christians will be advocating for transparency and honesty in leadership and in our own lives, culminating on 14-20 October 2013 with global prayer and action.

Please put the dates in your diary now!
Read the full campaign description here.  To keep up to date with developments, visit, follow on Twitter or join on Facebook