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Faith leaders speak out against domestic abuse

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15 July 2015

is supporting Lord McColl who on 15 July 2015 will host a meeting in the UK Parliament for faith leaders in the UK to speak out against domestic abuse.  As part of this, Restored has created a declaration for faith leaders which can be used without any copyright restrictions. 

We feel that this is an important initiative given the severity of these issues and the potential for faith leaders to make a significant impact in their congregations and communities on addressing domestic abuse.  Restored wants to raise the profile of these issues and help to show that faith-based responses are a vital part of the solution.  The initiative is UK focussed, but there are obvious parallels with the potential role of faith leaders in other countries. 

As a follow up to this meeting, Restored will be collecting stories, for publication in November 2015, of how faith communities have responded and taken action to reduce domestic abuse. If you would like to know more about this initiative contact Peter Grant, Co-Director of Restored, at

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