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Flooding and mudslides cause havoc in Peru

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28 March 2017

Peru is experiencing terrible weather-related natural disasters in many areas of its territory.  Flash flooding and landslides have already severely affected more than half a million families, many of whom have lost everything.

94 people are reported dead. 170 injured. 12 people missing. 765 miles of highways destroyed. 72 115 people have lost their homes. 567 551 people have been severely affected in the worst-hit areas. Peace and Hope teams in Peru are ready to respond to the emergency by supporting victims left by flash flooding and landslides in several rural and urban areas along the coast of Peru.

The teams are focusing their help in the worst affected areas where there is urgent need for access to food, drinkable water and motor pumps to help families extract mud and water from their homes. Urgent needs include diapers and mattresses, drinkable water etc.

The Peace and Hope team in Peru has the necessary experience and helpful networks with local churches and community leaders to serve effectively in the task of bringing vital help to the most affected communities.  If you would like to support this initiative in any way, please follow their Facebook page here and website here