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Global Call to Action - Stand with Us

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18 May 2013

EXPOSED is a global call to take action against corruption; including bribery, secret deals and abuse of public influence – which impacts poorest people the most.

There are practical steps we can all take to promote ethical behaviour in our lives, church, business, government and society. We can be the change we want to see by being advocates of justice and transformation in the nations we are called to serve.

Join 1 million in shining a light on corruption which affects us all, but especially the poorest.

We aim to present 1 million signatures to the G20 in November 2014

Impact of Corruption

Countries lose billions through illicit outflows going into the hands of corrupt officials, leaders, politicians and businesses. This money would substantially impact poverty! Without it many lives are lost – CORRUPTION KILLS!

The EXPOSED campaign seeks to bring the voices of Christians around the world together in a united response against corruption.

Action to Take

We invite all our members to stand together with us and join in the Global Call to Action. There are three steps you can take NOW!

1) Join the Global Call: sign up to the Global Call for Action Now.

This campaign calls 100 million people in 100 nations to take public action against corruption

By signing this call and inviting your friends, colleagues and church to get involved you will help raise this issue to the up and coming G20 meeting to be held in Australia in January 2014. The signatures will be presented to G20 leaders with the following call:

We call on you, as world leaders, to take practical steps to promote greater financial transparency.

We are concerned that tax evasion and corrupt use of government funds have adverse affects on the world’s poorest.

Please increase the ability of citizens worldwide to hold their own governments to account for tax and other revenue, so all people have the opportunity to flourish.

2) Global Vigil

We invite you to hold a global vigil between 14th to 20th October 2013

To find out how to do this download the tool kit and further information here.

We hope to have at least 2,000 vigils occurring during this week around the world – we want to call be to attention on this important issue of corruption

3) Personal Action

Make your own personal commitment to stand against corruption. Complete a commitment card and invite others to do so too. Download the card here.

Let us demonstrate God’s Kingdom through our lives. Walk with integrity, act ethically, speak out and stand for justice.