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Exposed: Shining a Light on Corruption

Global Pastoral Letter Addressed to the G20

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19 March 2014

Church Leaders add their Voice to the Call for Integrity and Transparency 

The EXPOSED campaign is reaching its final and important months leading up to the G20 meeting in Brisbane.

As part of the global effort to influence the decisions made by G20 Premiers and Finance Ministers, the campaign is gathering signatures for a global pastoral letter.

Leaders such as Dr Prince Guneratnum (Chairman World Pentecostal Fellowship), Rev Tim Costello (Chair C20 Australia), Col Geanette Seymour (Salvation Army International Justice Commission), Revd Canon Grace Kaiso (Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa), Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe (President WEA), Gideon Para-Mallam (IFES Africa), Dr Olav Fykse Tveit (Secretary General WCC), Bishop Efraim Tendero (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) and Bishop Zac Niringiye (Uganda) have already signed.

And the list is growing day by day. EXPOSED is now in discussion with many regional and denominational leaders around the world; and aims to have a group of 50 by the end of March.

The Pastoral Letter calls for G20 leaders to recognise that integrity and transparency should underpin our public life. 

“We believe that any sustainable economic progress and stability should be based on righteousness and justice. And, we believe that corruption is an act of injustice against the poor.”

The letter asks G20 leaders to address bribery and tax evasion in multinational companies and government officials; and opacity around the beneficial ownership of companies.

The letter will be sent to all G20 leaders in May; and in June will be presented in person to the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott and over 150 MPs and Senators of the Australian Parliament by a large group of Christians gathering for Voices for Justice.

Dr Dion Forster, Chair of EXPOSED, says. “These signatures are a wonderful sign of the support of Christians for the cause of justice. Together, networks and churches of these leaders represent over a billion people. Please pray that the letter has huge impact.”

You can read the pastoral letter from church leaders to the G20 in various languages here:


Keep track of the signatures and the letter’s journey to Brisbane through EXPOSED updates. If you sign the Global Call, you can choose to receive monthly news of the campaign. Sign Here


This story comes from the Exposed Campaign, a Coalition campaign aiming to Shine a Light on corruption worldwide. It was originally published here.