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Hope for Creation: A global day of prayer

Hope for Creation: A Global Day of Prayer

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02 July 2011

TearfundTEAR AustraliaTEAR Fund Christian ActionTear Netherlands

Hope for Creation: Join together for a global day of prayer and action on climate change

A global day of prayer and action for churches on the issue of climate change is being organised to take place on Sunday 6 November 2011.

Purpose and vision

We have a vision to see thousands of churches across the world joining together in prayer and action for climate change.

The purpose of the Day of Prayer and Action is to unite and focus church action and prayer on this issue, with a focus on its devastating impacts on the poorest and most vulnerable people.

It will take place a few weeks before the next round of UN climate talks providing a hook for action and prayer.


  1. For churches to commit to praying about climate change and its impacts on Sunday 6th November.
  2. For churches to take action to tackle climate change by signing a campaign action or taking part in a symbolic activity.
  3. To urge world leaders to take ambitious and fair action to tackle climate change and provide the finance needed to help poor people adapt and develop sustainably.


Resources are likely to include:

  • A webpage to act as a hub for the day - with information about the different organisations promoting the day of action and links to resources. This could also include a map for churches to sign up to showing they are taking part (available from mid-April).
  • A promotional flyer with key information about the day to use to engage churches and other organisations (available from May).
  • Specific prayer points and a prayer for global use – with contributions from partners in developing countries and church leaders. (available from July)
  • A campaign action – online or print – directed at world leaders calling for action to protect the poorest and most vulnerable people hit hardest by the changing climate (available from September).

Levels of engagement

We suggest three possible levels of involvement to help churches at different stages to get involved:

  1. Minimal commitment: Pray on or around the day
  2. Medium commitment: Pray and act – using the campaign action or another activity
  3. More committed: as above but also organise something extra to support the day – special service, promote in other churches, other climate action…


Some of the resources will be created and provided ready-to-use by the coordinating team. Organisations wishing to create additional resources are asked to fund these themselves. Contributions will be accepted towards the resources for the day – including the webpage and printing the flyers and prayer resource - from anyone who feels able to do this.

Coordinating team

A team of organisations is leading the coordination of the day:

Tear Australia, Tear Netherlands, Tearfund New Zealand and Tearfund.

Contact details

Please contact – Helen Heather - - if you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can get involved. If you’d like to join in, please inform one of the co-ordinating organisations by 30 September 2011.