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IJM Cambodia workshop tackles sex trafficking

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07 July 2015

Cambodian Officials and NGOs Gather in Momentous Two-Day Workshop

The below extract is re-published with permission from International Justice Mission, and the full story in its original context can be read here.

June 24, 2015

Police, government social workers, and NGO staff dedicated their time to a two-day workshop hosted by IJM Cambodia earlier this month. This committed group of over 130 people spent the two days learning how to work together more efficiently, independently and effectively in their response to domestic sex trafficking crimes.

 Connecting Key Players to Protect the Vulnerable

IJM Cambodia planned the Phnom Penh Partner Equipping Workshop to support the current field office transition by bringing together casework partners to focus on strengthening collaboration, trust, and communication between civil society and government officials on child sex trafficking cases.

Since IJM Cambodia opened in 2003, it has partnered with the government to create a more functional and responsive public justice system. After seeing the Cambodian system grow, government leadership over counter-trafficking efforts increase, and a prevalence decrease in the commercial sexual exploitation of children, IJM Cambodia is ready to take itself out of the equation and test how the system operates in more direct partnership with citizens and community-based agencies.

At the workshop, Deputy Director of the Anti-Human Trafficking & Juvenile Protection unit (AHTJP) Ly Lay spoke, commenting, “IJM taught us a lot. We were like a child that they taught to walk.”

Lay outlined some areas of progress in the public justice system during the past 12 years, as well the current gaps that will continue to be addressed. During the workshop, he highlighted the need going forward for NGOs to support the AHTJP police. Displaying his personal dedication, Lay ended his presentation by providing his phone number to all attendees, noting that he was available 24/7.

“This is the kind of leadership that is growing the public justice system and building more trust between civil society and the government,” remarked John Roberts, Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development.


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