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Integral Alliance Gains New Member

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03 June 2015

Integral Alliance Gains New Member

We are pleased to announce that International Health Partners (IHP) has joined Integral Alliance, bringing the Integral membership total to 21 Members with their headquarters in 13 countries ...

International Health Partners is based in the UK. Anthony Dunnett, IHP’s President says: “We are honoured to join this exciting Alliance of charities seeking to bring a collaborative humanitarian response to natural disasters and conflicts. By working together we can achieve so much more than we could alone. Integral also enables IHP to be part of a holistic response, bringing our expertise in medicine alongside other Members providing, healthcare, shelter, sanitation and economic regeneration. Together we can provide health and hope to those most in need when calamity strikes.”

Andrew Ryskamp, Chair of the Integral Board, says: “Now that IHP is a Member of Integral we are rounding out a dream to have a stronger medical component to our Alliance. We are blessed to benefit not only from the personal gifts Anthony and his staff bring, but also adding the Europe connection to our medically-based membership.”

The Integral Board, made up of the CEO’s and Presidents of Integral Member organisations, unanimously welcomed IHP into membership of Integral at its April 2015 Board meeting in Paris.

International Health Partners’ website:


Sarah Larkin


Communications and Marketing Coordinator