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MDGs: 500 Days to Go

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21 August 2014

[originally published August 18th, 2014]

500 days or 16 months to go till the Millennium Development Goals (or as Kofi Annan put it, 'the world’s “to-do list” to improve lives') reach an end.

The big hope of the new millennium – to halve global poverty – will be achieved.

Which is pretty amazing: a combination of business growth, government action, better drugs and money. PLUS more people care about and talk about poverty. We believe it’s a problem that can be solved.

PLUS I’d like to believe that prayer and action by Christians has helped to bring change.

There are, however, big black marks on the MDG report card.

Whilst millions have stepped out of extreme poverty, some places and people have missed out  - minority groups in India; victims of conflict in countries such as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo; communities in forgotten nations like North Korea; and pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Wealthy nations have failed in their commitments to give 0.7% GNI in development aid, they have failed to make trade fairer, they have failed to protect small, fragile nations and we have willfully kept on depleting our precious environment.

At the moment the report card says, “Could do better”

But having lived and breathed the Goals for ten years now, I still think they are worth it – for the first time nations have made a commitment to care for the poorest and most vulnerable. And it’s the first time nations have had to report on what they are doing for the least.

So in the next 499 days, we should pray that the Goals are met in their entirety, that nations cooperate and that deep-seated injustice can be swept away. Because we serve a mighty God of love and righteousness.

You can see the latest MDG report from the United Nations here

You can access all sorts of debates and activities today about the 500 day milestone here.


This blog post was written by Amanda Jackson, Head of Campaigns and Advocacy at Micah Challenge International. You can view the original version on the Micah Challenge website here.