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Murdered because they asked for justice

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04 July 2016

On June 23, 2016, Willie Kimani, a Kenyan human rights lawyer and father of two, went to a Nairobi courthouse, accompanying Josephat Mwenda, also Kenyan, in his defense against blatantly false charges by an abusive police force. The bodies of Willie, Josephat and their driver, Joseph Muiruri, were found in the Ol-Donyo Sabuk River eight days later.

The murderers of Willie, Josephat and Joseph must be prosecuted and sent to prison for this horrific violence. The ultimate well-being of Kenya and its citizens hangs in the balance.

In Kenya, it is far too easy for a corrupt or incompetent police officer to frame and imprison an innocent person, who must then wait in jail, often for years on end, for a chance to prove his or her innocence. According to a Kenyan government report, the number of crimes reported to the police in 2015 involving the police increased by 34 percent.

This corrupt system has packed Kenyan prisons full of innocent men and women with no way out and no lawyer to fight for their release—and the police who abuse their power are not held accountable

Willie Kimani was working to protect the innocent from such abuse, and he was murdered while courageously pursuing that mission.

We are asking the Kenyan government to:

1. Ensure the identification and meaningful prosecution of everyone involved with the murders of Willie Kimani, Josephat Mwenda and Joseph Muiruri; and

2. Immediately remove Samuel M. Arachi from his post as Deputy Inspector General of the Administration Police in Kenya, on behalf of every innocent person abused by his police force.

Sign now to ensure this tragedy is a turning point in the fight for #JusticeinKenya.

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