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National Day of Prayer - May 7th (USA)

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07 May 2015

In time for the National Day of Prayer in the United States on May 7th, Micah Challenge USA have released a fantastic prayer resource entitled "Our Voices Raised".

They encourage us all to engage in prayer as we work together to tackle poverty, injustice and violence around the world:

As Christians, we must engage in prayer for our local communities and people around the world in our pursuit of justice. We ought to lift up our leaders in prayer, as well as the goals they have set out to achieve. In doing so we are working to bring our hearts closer to God and His understanding of justice and peace.

We understand that the issues of the world are vast and oftentimes confusing/complicated, so it can be difficult to know how to pray for people around the world. We have put together a guide to help with that!

There are three issues that we focus upon here at Micah Challenge that dramatically impact the most impoverished around the world: corruption in extractive industries, protecting funding for lifesaving development programs, and climate change.


We encourage you to make use of this great resource. You can read more and explore different ways you can make use of this guide by clicking here.