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Nepal: My Cry for a Nation

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22 January 2015

My cry for a nation

Nepal is my country, where I was born. I am serving as a servant of God in my country for 14 years. I have faced different situations in my journey. I traveled many places in the difficult situation of 10 years people war time. More than 15 thousand were killed and 150,000 people were internally displaced as a result of the conflict in war.

I always prayed with full of hope for light in darkness. As a result, I became so happy when people war ended with the comprehensive peace accord signed on 21 November 2006. Suddenly I noticed that, the tear dropping eyes changed into smiling face. I saw the sunrise of peace and hope in my country. I Thanked to God with full of Joy.

After that, period of 8 years, we experienced lot of different practice in politics. Due to political instability 7 prime ministers changed in this short period. First constituent assembly failed to develop permanent constitution and conducted reelection on 2013. Political parties and leaders came in front of us and they promised that, we pleaded guilty for past but we are committed to give constitution by 22 January 2015. We trusted them and re-elected for constituent assembly again.

As an optimistic Christian leader I prayed and waited for new golden morning even we were facing a lot of problems in our daily life. There is power cut (no electricity) 12 hours in a day, no cooking gas in the kitchen, no petroleum in vehicle, no water supply in tap and many more because government failed to supply daily needs of people. There is problem on human rights, religious rights, justice and many other issues. But never complained and hopefully waited for new constitution.

But when I woke up in the morning of 20th January, I saw the video and read news about violence in constituent assembly of Nepal. Honestly, I can say that, I lost my hope. Being a representative of minority Christian group and a general citizen of nation I can do nothing to change in this situation. But I fully trust in God, and I know, God is our power, He can change impossible to possible. Now, I am crying to God for my nation, please show us your guidance. It is 21st January 2015, and deadline is tomorrow for new constitution. We want to see the light of happiness in every household of Nepalese people. I don’t want to see more war and conflict in this nation.

God listen my cry. 


Thir K.C.

National Coordinator
Micah Network Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal