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The New 'Girl Power'

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16 November 2012

Christian women across the world unite to help 900 million women and girls in extreme poverty.

Christian women across the world are uniting in a new network to fight for the near 1 billion women and girls suffering extreme poverty.

Women with global interest from across the world and from a variety of organisations and backgrounds are launching Woman to Woman on Tuesday (20th November 2012) at 6pm in the House of Commons in London, UK.

Woman to Woman organisers want to empower girls and women to be change makers to help the poor by prompting action, prayer and campaigns in the years to come.

They hope to remind world leaders of their promises made in 2000 to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 - but still 900 million women and girls are in extreme poverty.

Ex-Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech and Lynne Hybels have endorsed the event and UK politicians Diane Abbott MP and Caroline Spelman MP will speak about the opportunities and barriers for women in public life.

Amanda Jackson, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Micah Challenge, said: "Promises to help the world's poorest are still not being met and it is time to speak out. Women and girls are victims of poverty but they are also key to providing solutions.

"They can speak out for women suffering injustice, pray for others, be a mentor, give time and money to projects for women or write letters to business and government to campaign for action."

"Women traditionally have the role of caregivers and are very good at practical support. But women can also be advocates on issues that particularly affect women."

"Woman to Woman is encouraging girls and women everywhere to get involved in some way to help end the suffering of millions."

Pastor Maureen Shana from Zimbabwe has mentored young women in Southern Africa for many years and will be speaking about efforts by local Christian women to advocate on the issue of maternal health.

Of all the Millennium Development Goals, the one most in danger of failing is Goal 5 which aims to reduce deaths in pregnancy and childbirth.

Maureen said: "It is a tragedy that mums are dying in many poor nations from causes that are easily preventable. Christian women in particular care about families and can be a voice to save lives."

"With maternal mortality shockingly high, women's voices are needed to highlight basic measures that could help save lives."

"We can help girls, especially on the margins, to release their gifts and potential."

Woman to Woman is part of Micah Challenge's wider plan to mobilise Christians to remind world politicians to keep their Millennium Development Goal promises made in 2000 to halve extreme poverty.

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