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One time enemies, now care givers

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11 June 2014

LEADS is seeing significant success in the rehabilitation of ex-combatants from the Sri Lankan civil conflict. 

It is hard to imagine that your enemy whom you once fought against, is now under you care, and requires your empathy to make it through life.  

A trainee, on return from a break period said:
“My colleagues have noticed a difference in me and some even asked me ‘what has happened to you? The way you deal with beneficiaries is very different now’ I wish more of my colleagues too would get the chance to attend such a course”

The Bureau for the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR) together with LEADS is engaged in training military personnel in psychosocial skills, enabling them to provide better care for ex-combatants who are under rehabilitation.  Furthermore ex-combatants are also being trained on essential life skills required to help them reintegrate into society.

The new 2 year -programme was commenced in October 2012. Since commencement 47 service personnel have received training on psycho-social skills. The trainers observed that the participants had gained new momentum & motivation to apply their newly acquired skills as they continue with their duties in rehabilitation and reintegration.

Further 468 Rehabilitees have been trained to cope with mental stress, enhance their EI and strengthen their life skills which will provide them with the confidence to embrace life as they walk out into their communities. When providing feedback the participants said, “the topics on how to help each other and how to make friends were very interesting and useful”. They commented that the workshops were immensely productive and had a positive impact for them.


This article ws originally published on the LEADS website and is reproduced here with permission. You can view the original story here