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Open Letter: UK Government

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02 February 2018

Cancel Visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Stop Arms Trade with Saudi Arabia

We raise concern about the ongoing and deepening relationship that the United Kingdom has with Saudi Arabia, demonstrated through the visits that have recently been prioritised, and now the pending invitation for Prince Mohammed bin Salman to come to the United Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Millions of children in Yemen are at risk from war, cholera and famine in a tragedy that UN Secretary-General has called the "biggest humanitarian crisis facing humanity". Saudi Arabia has blockaded Yemen and is destroying its infrastructure. The Saudi air force consists almost entirely of aircraft sold to it by the UK and USA.

Our shame is that British arms companies have been fuelling this war. The British government has approved billions of Pounds in export licenses over the past three years to a regime whose history of torture, arbitrary detention, suppression of religious minorities and exploitation of foreign labour has been amply documented.

We take note of the positive steps Prince Mohammed bin Salman has begun to take in his Vision 2030 and National Transformation Paper 2020, but the evidence of change is limited and remains tokenistic in comparison to the ongoing abuses.

We recognise that in your recent meetings with Saudi Arabia you have said you would raise these concerns, but when this is not backed up with clear action, they are simply words to assuage guilt. The price to act (loss of arms sales) may seem steep with the current economic uncertainty faced within the Brexit negotiations, however; the longer term consequences are much steeper.

God honours those who protect the poor and vulnerable, and stand for justice and integrity. Those who seek economic gain at the price of these precious vulnerable people will face their own downfall.

If you truly stand for the British people, if you care for justice, then we strongly advise you to cancel this visit and act decisively to stop the arms trade with Saudi Arabia.

Signed: Sheryl Haw

International Director, Micah Global

Download letter here.



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