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Paz y Esperanza responds to results of COP20

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24 December 2014

Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope), a member of Micah Network, respond to the outcome of the recent Lima COP20 meetings in Lima, Peru.


Lima, Dec. 15. (SNPE). After the Twentieth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations on Climate Change, COP20, many groups participating in the various negotiations feel that the results were not entirely satisfactory.

This is the perception of the civil society groups, who participated as observers and demanded immediate action to protect the rights of the communities most affected by climate change actions.

Roger Mendoza, director of Peace and Hope Association, who participated as an observer at the COP20 civil society reported that  "a central issue in the negotiations was to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in order to change  the energy supply; however, this agreement is not included in the final draft".

He added that the final document lacks justice and solidarity with the people hardest hit by the climate crisis, and does not contain specific commitments on losses and damages caused by climate change in the most affected communities.

Despite these shadows, Mendoza said that the summit has generated greater awareness in various sectors of civil society, such as churches, "we now need to show the importance of the impact of climate change through the actions we take as Christians. At the same time, we need to ensure that governments fulfil national and international environmental standards and commitments.”

“Churches have the ethical challenge of revealing those realities which show that the Bible calls for climate justice and to ensure the demands of those most affected are heard and taken into account”, Mendoza continued.

With the processes that lies ahead in supporting the proposals on climate change, the director of Peace and Hope said there has been remarkable unity in the National Evangelical Council of Peru (CONEP) and the Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Peru (UNICEP). Both organisations have called for churches to exercise a prophetic role and have an impact for change.

He noted that "for churches to exercise a prophetic role and impact on society they need to continue working among members of congregations and faith communities, because I believe that our church is in that 80 percent of Pervianthe population that does not know what COP 20 is".

The director of Peace and Hope, an organization that has been actively involved in the process of COP20, in Lima, in cooperation with the CONEP and UNICEP highlighted the important role played throughout the COP by the  Presbyterian church, the Methodist church and the Lutheran church; raising awareness, mobilizing and advocating for climate justice.