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Post 2015 Agenda Priorities Emerging

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25 March 2013

Since August 2012 a series of on-going consultations have been facilitated by the United Nations to seek the views of people around the worlds as to what the new development agenda should be as we draw towards the 2015 Millennium Development Goal deadline.

To read the full report on emerging views for the development agenda see here. You can read about what people are saying, what countries are prioritising and see what is beginning to emerge.

To review contributions and to take part in the conversation see: and

Update: three priorities are emerging to be focused on:

1. The progress on the Millennium Development Goals should be accelerated and adapted to contemporary challenges, such as growing inequalities within countries and the impact of globalisation.

2. The consultations point to the need for a universal agenda to address challenges such as environmental degradation, unemployment and violence.

3. People want to participate, both in agenda setting as well as monitoring the progress of the post-2015 framework implementation.

The report recognises that a number implications arise if this new agenda is to be followed, such as:

- While measurability and focus will continue to be important, the new agenda should be balanced and holistic to be successful.

- The consultations point to the need for a genuinely universal agenda, taking up persistent social challenges in relatively wealthy countries and acknowledging the interconnectedness of people, governments and business across the globe.

- The new agenda must find a way to ensure real results, realize human rights and use technology to engage people the world over in taking the next development agenda forward.

A number of inhibiting factors have impacted the MDGs such as corruption, governance, insecurity and inequality. Micah Challenge has in partnership launched a campaign entitled EXPOSED: Shining a light on corruption. EXPOSED is a global call to action against corruption – greed, secret deals and abuse of public influence – which impacts poorest people most.

There are three ways we can each respond to Corruption and we stand with the call to action:

1.       Make a personal commitment to behave ethically

2.       Be a part of a global vigil against corruption.

3.       Sign the Global call to action and engage in this campaign.

For more information on how to take part in the three actions above and to sign the global call download the toolkit here and sign the call at: