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Post-Consultation Events in the Philippines

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02 August 2018

Two important gatherings will be taking place after the Consultation - The Urban Shalom Summit and the Infemit Stott-Bediako Forum. Find out more below.

2018 Urban Shalom Summit – The Practice of Hope

Dates: Friday 14th September at 14:00 (2pm) to Sunday 16th September at 16:00 (4pm)

Optional: City Immersion Tour on Monday 17th September

Location: CCT Training Centre, Chestnut Street, Tagaytay, Caivite, Philippines (just South of Manila)

The Summit links into the Micah Global Consultation which runs from the 10th to 14th September 2018 at the CCT Centre. Why not attend this too as the Urban Shalom Society will be facilitating a Consultation track throughout the week. An open pre-forum / pre consultation session will be held on the morning of Monday 10th September 2018 from 8am to 1pm – prior to start of the Micah Global 7th Triennial Consultation.

About the Summit:

The theme for the summit, The Practice of Hope in the City, reflects that as people of faith we are hope bearers, not just of a future hope that will come, but a present hope that stirs us to be agents of Christ’s shalom in the world now.

Hope is something that can easily go missing in our rapidly urbanising world. As people struggle with day to day life, the effects of isolation and disconnection, poverty, unsanitary conditions, unjust economic systems and fast changing environments, the belief that life could ever be any better begins to fade.

As people of faith we have a mandate and the ability to be bearers of hope in the spaces and places that God has called us to occupy. At the summit, we will explore together how we can practice hope across the sectors of a city and begin to see shalom or flourishing replace disconnection and hopelessness.

For more information about topics and discussions to be held at the summit see here:

To Register for the Summit: REGISTER


·         Standard Registration:               A$ 250.00

·         Optional City Immersion Tour:   A$   20.00

An additional small transaction fee is charged by Eventbrite.

Download the flyer here

Registration Costs include: Accommodation 14th and 16th September, full board and registration.

For more information on the Summit or the society email Chleo Megel on


Stott-Bediako Forum Post-Consultation Gathering 

The 2018 Stott-Bediako Forum will be held in Manila, Philippines from the 14th-15th of 2018, just after the Micah Global Triennial Gathering. We encourage participants to attend both events if they are able. You won’t want to miss either!

On the morning of September 10th (before the Micah Global event), we will also hold an open conversation and fellowship time. Plan to attend and share with other Micah attendees who want to get to know more about INFEMIT and the annual Stott-Bediako Forums.

Registration is now open! Click here.

Find more information through other pages on our website or by emailing You can also download the flyer here.