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Prayer for Burundi

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25 June 2015

Please join with us in praying for the people and nation of Burundi during this time of violence and ongoing civil unrest in the lead up to elections. The below prayer request was submitted by a Burundian member of Micah.

As you have been praying for Burundi to have peace since the political crises took place in Burundi, I also request you to continue praying for Burundi as we are approaching the date of first elections which is June 29th, 2015.

- Please  pray that elections will be able to take place in peace.

- Pray for Burundi to have peace so that all refugees who are in Rwanda, Tanzania, DRC and other countries can return home.


For more information about the situation in Burundi, please refer to this report from the World Food Programme, made available via ReliefWeb.