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Prayer for Vulnerable Children

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28 May 2011

Dear friends,

Viva has developed a resource for a 'A weekend of Purposeful Prayer', you can download the prayer guide published by VIVA, Together for Children. This guide aims to show what is possible in unity. In 7 different topics they have included beautiful examples of the response of the Church for the most vulnerable children. We long to be useful and inspiring in this time of prayer.

We also want to remind you that Micah Network has made ​​available  the song 'WITH CHILDREN', this material is part of the recent CD titled album Voces Unidas. This is a prayer from adults for children, which you can find on youtube:

This song was written to support the campaign of good treatment of children at a regional level.

In Christ,

Ruth Alvarado Y.
Coordinadora Latinoamericana
Jr. Hermilio Valdizán 681–Jesús María
Lima – Perú
Telf. (511) 4633300 – Anex 24
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