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Pre-Consultation Events in the Philippines

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02 August 2018

There are a number of Pre-Consultation Gatherings happening before the Consultation. Have a look below.

Integral Mission and Community Health Workshop


Local ownership and sustainability in community health

Integral mission, marginalizing health conditions and sustainability: identifying challenges and exploring alternative approaches

Interventions in health provision need to be sustainable, locally owned and managed and without “start and stop” inputs. The pattern of outsiders / westerners arriving to solve community problems was often the historical norm, but it led to unhealthy dependency. At the same time, many of the best-known integral mission approaches – Umoja and Disciple the Nations Alliance – mobilize the community with zero input. However, this is difficult where people need medicine, clinical support or ongoing self-care support to prevent ulcers or other complications for people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, trachoma, Buruli ulcer, leishmaniasis, etc.), diabetes or other conditions causing limitation of movement or nerve damage. Self-care also uses a participatory methodology, but marginalized peoples are likely to be excluded and their needs not addressed by the wider community, who may in fact be stigmatizing them.

Participants will examine the challenges, assess models and identify building blocks of sustainability.

Please email Jim ( for more information on this pre-consultation forum.

2018 Urban Shalom Summit Pre-Consultation – The Practice of Hope

The next Urban Shalom Summit (formerly ISUM) will be held in the Philippines after the Micah Global 7th Triennial Consultation in September.

Hope is something that can easily go missing in our rapidly urbanising world. As people struggle with day to day life, the effects of isolation and disconnection, poverty, unsanitary conditions, unjust economic systems and fast changing environments, the belief that life could ever be any better begins to fade.  As people of faith we have a mandate and the ability to be bearers of hope in the spaces and places that God has called us to occupy. At the summit, we will explore together how we can practice hope across the sectors of a city and begin to see shalom or flourishing replace disconnection and hopelessness.

The open pre-forum session will be held on the morning of September 10 before the Micah Global 7th Triennial Consultation.

Urban Shalom Society Pre-Consultation: Kingdom Communities: Integral Mission and Flourishing in the City

9am – 1pm Monday 10th September

During this session we will:

·      Introduce the Urban Shalom Society

·      Explore the connection between the Kingdom of God, mission and flourishing in the city

·      Provide pointers on how to partner with God and others towards the creation of flourishing cities


Andre Van Eymeren – Co-Director Urban Shalom Society, Managing Director Centre for Building Better Community

Dr Bryan McCabe – Director Transformational Urban Leadership Institute

Dr Chris Elisara – Co-Director Urban Shalom Society, Director Creation Care Taskforce, WEARegistrations are open! 

Check out the site here.

Register here.

For more information on the Urban Shalom Society visit For more information on the Summit or the society email Chleo Megel on

INFEMIT and Stott-Bediako Pre-Consultation Connect

On the morning of September 10th (before the Micah Global event), we will also hold an open conversation and fellowship time. Plan to attend and share with other Micah attendees who want to get to know more about INFEMIT and the annual Stott-Bediako Forums. Email

Micah Young People

For more information email