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For Real Reconciliation in Peru

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02 February 2018

Letter in response to the pardoning of former dictator Alberto Fujimori

"Without justice there is no peace; peace is the effect of justice "(Isaiah 32:17)

Given the pardon granted by the Peruvian government to former President Alberto Fujimori, who had been sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity during the internal armed conflict, we the undersigned, leaders of evangelical organizations and churches of various countries around the world, declare the following:

1. We express our deep concern that the improper granting of the pardon to Mr. Alberto Fujimori has caused not only a political crisis but also a setback in the process of an authentic reconciliation that allows for the healing of wounds and an integral reparation of the victims.

2. We believe that this pardon does not contribute to the process of national reconciliation because it turns its back on the victims and because it is the product of apparent pact of impunity. We believe that without sincere repentance and without meeting the expectation of justice and reparation for those whose rights were trampled an authentic reconciliation cannot exist and cannot be achieved.

3. We join the voices and actions of people and organizations of civil society, including those of our brothers and sisters from a number of churches in Peru, who demand a true process of reconciliation based on justice, truth and respect for the dignity of all Peruvians, in particular the people and families who suffered the insanity of terror and violence.

4. We salute the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that, in the framework of a public hearing to be held on February 2 in San José, Costa Rica in order to monitor compliance with their rulings in the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta cases, will analyze the pardon granted to Alberto Fujimori. We pray that the magistrates of the Court have the necessary wisdom to resolve this petition with justice, helping to correct the damage caused.

This letter was written by evangelical leaders in Peru and is endorsed by Micah Global