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Progetto Assistenza Migranti

Refugee emergency in Italy

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30 March 2011

As we all know, the situation in most North African countries is in turmoil. As a side-effect migration towards European coasts has been on the increase over the last few weeks, especially affecting Italy. On the island of Lampedusa thousands of refugees are uncertain of their future. Other refugee emergency centres have been opened in other parts of Sicily and the rest of Italy. It is estimated that more than 50.000 migrants will come to the shores of Italy. What a challenge and what an opportunity.

Lots of Italian evangelical churches and mission agencies are responding to this crisis. The Italian Evangelical Alliance has encouraged a joint-effort to provide humanitarian aid and cultural inter-mediation, in the hope that God will open further Gospel opportunities.

We are ready to launch two projects: one in Lampedusa Island and the other in Mineo (Sicily) where another huge refugee camp is located. We are preparing to go there with teams of volunteers to work alongside local authorities to facilitate the relationship between the refugees’ community and the local people, to distribute various aids (including Bibles and Gospel literature), to witness to the refugees the love of Jesus Christ in appropriate ways.

We ask for the prayers and cooperation of the International Evangelical community to help us to respond to the challenge. 

Please, pray for God to show his glory and mercy in these times of crises. 

Pray for the thousands of young people who dream and hope a better future: that they will find it in the Lord Jesus Christ

Pray for peace, freedom and new opportunities in North Africa

Pray for the church in these countries

Pray for us as we seek to demonstrate God’s love and compassion

Please, work with us if you, your church, your organization, your friends think that you might help in any way. We look forward to work together to serve God and our neighbours. 

Rome, 28th March 2011

Alleanza Evangelica Italiana:

Tel. 0039 333 8558174

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GiM-Italia: Tel 095 648136 - 388 185362

MEtA: Tel 339 1835336



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