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Rev Kennedy Dhanabalan new Chair of Micah Global

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19 May 2017

Micah Global has a new Chairperson of the Board - Reverend Kennedy Dhanabalan. Since 2010, Rev. Dhanabalan has been serving as the Executive Director of The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR). EFICOR is a national Christian organization engaged in Disaster Response, Development and training since 1967. Rev. Dhanabalan has worked with EFICOR in various positions since 1988. He had served among tribal communities and has vast experience in community development, disaster management and training various Christian leaders on Integral Mission.

Rev. Dhanabalan is an ordained pastor and serves in the pastoral team of Living Faith Cornerstone Church, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. He is married to Premlatha and has three children Arpit, Ashwin and Aparna.

We are so pleased to announce this to our broader community and are grateful to Kennedy for his willingness to serve in this this way.

Please read his message from the Asia Regional Consultation, below. Thank you.


Dear All,

On behalf of the Board of Micah Global and the rest of us here let me take this opportunity to thank the Micah Secretariat Staff, Sheryl, Joanna, Linda and Sergej, for the wonderful way they have organised this consultation. Thank you so much. As we conclude the Asia Regional Consultation, it is important for us to look back on what we did and plan for the way forward.

Our challenges

At present, we have 765 Members representing 96 countries and more than 9300 contacts all over the world. As Micah Global, we face certain challenges.

·       To serve all our Members spread across the world through a small Secretariat.

·       To be relevant to our Members in serving them. In order to do this we need you to raise your contextual issues with Micah Global.

·       Funding is a constraint, just like every other network body faces. It is important to bring in new Members and identify potential new funding partners. You all can help us in this.

Our foundation

We recognise the power of prayer in all what we do. We work against the principalities and powers of the world. Only prayer can help us to overcome the hurdles and achieve what we intend to do. We recognise the importance of family; the institution, which God instituted. While we should give importance to our own family, we should also work towards family values in all our response while addressing the social issues. We recognise the importance of discipleship. In establishing God’s kingdom we have to work towards discipling. These should be the foundation of our work.

The way forward

I have been listening to the deliberations during the Consultations. I am consolidating the voices raised on issues during your presentations and discussions in various forums. This will help us to address those issues as we move forward.

1. The Church

We recognised the importance of the Centrality of Church in all our work. As Micah Global, we encourage our partners to be part of the church and consciously work towards including church in all our activities. Sometimes, in our dialogues we tend to exclude the church. We use language that excludes the church. We have to be sensitive and inclusive.

2. Theological reflections

We could hear again and again that we need more Asian theological reflections. We should not leave the Bible only for the theologians to reflect. The Biblical Framework should guide our work and the work we get involved in should shape our theology. Both should go hand in hand. Micah Global will provide the needed platform for the voices of the South to be heard. We encourage you to publish your reflections. Document your good practices, so that we all can learn from one another.

3. Reflect God’s Character

The prophetic voice we heard during the Consultation was that we have to be truthful and reflect Christ’s character while involved in our work. Let the people see our good works and glorify God in heaven. Our leadership should be embracing justice. Be a dissenting voice to raise issues of justice. Create a community of people who do not fear, but are obedient to the character of God. We need to discern, to understand the times in which we live and how to respond.

4. Relevant in our Engagement

There are many questions that have been raised during this time. How do we create a just society? How should we be involved in the political arena? How do we address issues of corruption? We have to be innovative in our approach in addressing these complex issues. We should be technically sound in our response. We also need to understand the culture of the community/society while planning our programmes. The sectors, which echoed much during our deliberations, are on Care for Creation, Peace Building, Health, Children, Gender, Human Trafficking, Building Resilient Communities, and Urban issues. Let us work together in addressing these issues.

While working with communities, we need to inspire people to have a dream; a dream, which reflects the Kingdom and facilitate them to realise their dream.

5. Networking

We recognise that we cannot achieve much by ourselves and there is a need to network. While we network to do tasks let us be truly a body of Christ centred on the person of Jesus. Let us share our resources and expertise. Let us strengthen our regional bodies for more cooperation and facilitation. Quoting from the National Expression paper, which the Global Team had worked on, let us:

·       Bring together national representation to advocate for social issues through an Integral Mission (IM) lens identified by each of the National Expressions and where necessary and possible, address the issue of Micah Global.

·       Equip the local church to have a clear understanding on IM and provide models of IM for involvement.

·       Organise national events in equipping the National Members in the issue identified.

·       Organise national events for church leaders in developing national declarations on specific social issues by the church. Where possible, each member organisation recognises Micah Global as a partner and as appropriate seeks approval/endorsement from the Micah Global Secretariat to ensure alignment.

·       Raise/share their views at a global level, in different forums, including the Global Consultation. Work towards structure for the National Expressions depending on the national context. It can either be a registered separate organisation, or remain a loose network, or have it as a group to conduct events.

Concluding remarks

Before I conclude, let me request you all to send the topics that you believe need to be covered at the Global Consultation next year to the Micah Secretariat. Once again, I thank you all for making effort to come and attend the Consultation.

If I am right, this is the biggest Regional Consultation attended by the highest  number of delegates. Thank you for making this a great success. You are the strength of Micah Global. Till we meet next year at the Global Consultation, keep up the good work of praying, documenting, sharing and networking. See you all in September 2018 at Global Consultation.


Rev. Kennedy Dhanabalan

Chairperson – Micah Global