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School of Reconciliation - Ukraine October 2019

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11 April 2019

The Eurasian School of Reconciliation is a residential workshop and training to equip Christian leaders to be facilitators of biblical healing and reconciliation in their home contexts.   First developed by Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd in post-genocide Rwanda, the “Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations” workshop is now being run by local believers in many different parts of the world. Communities suffering from divisions and strife are being healed and made whole again. During the workshop people of different  backgrounds are invited to encounter God and each other at a heart level. In a safe environment they areencouraged to experience healing and are able to develop new perspectives and attitudes. A combination of interactive teaching, group sessions, ministry times and participant interaction is used. Each session builds upon previous sessions, so full participation is essential.  After attending the workshop, thousands of lives have been transformed, communities have been changed and churches have taken steps towards becoming agents of healing and reconciliation.  The all-inclusive cost of the school will be $500 US(If attending only the workshop, $250 US).  Places are limited, so please respond ASAP to ensure yourself a place.  For more information and an application form email  “I’ve been a Christian since 1992. At this workshop I finally experienced what I have been looking for all my life.” Ukraine  Download the flyer on the right for more information.  Click here for more.