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Shaha Bahadur Gurung

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31 May 2011



It is with regret and deep sadness that we say good-bye to Shaha, who died of a massive heart attack on Monday 16th May in the evening while at home with his wife, Samjhana and their three sons.

Shaha has dedicated his life to serving God, drawing on his gifts and passion for integral mission, he has been a member of the Micah Network Asia Regional Coordinating Group, and has been the engine behind the set up and implementation of Micah network Nepal.

If you have had the privilege of knowing and working with Shaha you will know that he was a man of integrity and had great joy working out his faith and helping others in their walk. We will all miss you greatly.

We stand with Samjhana and her boys as they work through this terribly loss, and pray that God will hold his arms around you all.