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Speak Out: Global Plan - end HIV Transmission

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26 September 2011

Countdown to Zero: TheGlobal Plan Towards The Elimination Of New HIV Infections Among Children By 2015 And Keeping Their Mothers Alive was launched at the June 2011 UN High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS. The plan lays out a four-year framework for ending vertical transmission of HIV and keeping mothers alive. The plan covers all low- and middle-income countries, but focuses on the 22 countries with the highest estimated numbers of pregnant women living with HIV.

A global steering group (GSG) will provide oversight on the implementation of the Global Plan and ongoing accountability for progress towards the agreed goals. Beri Hull of International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS (ICW), Mitch Besser of mothers2mothers (m2m) and Rev Bob Vitillo of Caritas Internationals have been appointed as representatives of civil society organizations to serve as members of the GSG. They are very conscious that they do not represent the full range and perspectives of civil society, particularly women and mothers living with HIV from the Global South, and so have asked ITPC to facilitate wider engagement and input in this process.

During the next three months, country assessments will take place in the 22 focus countries. These national assessments will aim to establish the current status of programmes to end vertical transmission, more commonly known as PMTCT, and reducing maternal mortality among women living with HIV. They will also identify the gaps and the needs for accelerated action. National plans and guidelines will be revised in order to ensure the successful implementation of this Global Plan.

ITPC and the civil society representatives on the GSG want to ensure that the concerns and proposals from civil society, especially from women living with HIV, are fed into the plan and contribute to meeting of the goals. Your responses to this survey will also help build the basis for further virtual and in-person consultations.

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