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31 January 2014

Paz y Esperanza” and Nyack College enter Academic cooperation Partnership

(New York, January 29, 2014) Peace and Hope International (Paz y Esperanza Internacional) and Nyack College unite in an academic cooperation partnership. The Paz y Esperanza Institute and Nyack College will launch programs to strengthen Christian leadership development in Latin America. Evangelical leaders, pastors, and outreach workers in Latin America will have the opportunity to take accredited certificate courses on topics like advocacy, integral mission, and pastoral care.

As part of the academic cooperation partnership, Nyack College has agreed to give official academic accreditation to those who participate in the Institute’s first virtual certificate course.  The Certificate is called “Advocacy for Children and Adolescents in Latin America”. Students will take the course online, facilitated by the Paz y Esperanza institute and the Working Together with Children and Youth Movement (know in Spanish as MJCNJ- Movimiento Juntos con la Niñez y la Juventud).

Alfonso Wieland, co-director of Peace and Hope International, described the partnership as the opening up of further opportunities for Christian organizations around the world to join together for the purpose of encouraging advocacy work within the Church.

Dr. Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda is the director of Nyack College’s Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement, which is the body responsible for carrying out the partnership with Paz y Esperanza. Dr. Balmaceda expressed her excitement over the partnership because of its potential to lead to more North-South connections being made that can boost social action within today’s churches.

Nyack College is a Christian college founded in 1882 by Dr. A.B. Simpson, one of the foremost figures in the American missionary movement. The college exists to serve the church and the community by providing an education centered on holistic gospel for the transformation of society. Nyack College is located in the state of New York, with campuses in Nyack and Manhattan (

Paz y Esperanza is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defend and promote justice for people and communities in situations of poverty or affected by other forms of injustice. It is a fellowship of independent organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, USA, and UK. It was founded in 1996, in Lima, Peru.

Press Release from Paz y Esperance: 31/01/14