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A World at School: 500-Day Countdown Campaign

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06 August 2014

Education unites us all - it is the bridge between the social injustice and opportunity for young people.

Education advances our shared goals across the many social justice campaigns we collectively support. From poverty alleviation and health to economic empowerment, child labor and girls’ rights, we will not achieve our goals without ensuring every child goes to school.

Education is the only acceptable alternative to the discrimination faced by millions of children every day. By including education as a key message in our ongoing campaigns and mobilisations, we can achieve the world we all want to live in.

 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 2 set out to ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, would be able to complete a full course of primary education. Yet, as we approach the 2015 deadline, 58 million children remain out of school. Hundreds of millions more are not learning. At the current rate of progress, it will be 2086 before the last girl is able to go to attend primary school.

18 August 2014 will mark 500 days until the deadline for the Millennium Development Goal of Universal Primary Education (MDG 2) and the launch of the 500-Day Countdown campaign. Yet, as we approach the 2015 deadline, 58 million children remain out of school and hundreds of millions more are not learning. Together with our partners and through Global Faiths Coalition (GFC) Education, we must accelerate efforts to get every child into school and learning.

To find our more and to learn how you can engage in this campaign,  please do visit the A World at School website.

100 day vigils to #BringBackOurGirls

GFC Education members, including the World Evangelical Alliance and Pax Christi Uvira, sent special messages of support for the Chibok girls on their 100th day of captivity as part of the 100 day vigils held around the world.  Read more here

Gordon Brown: Schools must not be used as instruments of war

"A total of 120 schools, more than 70 run by the United Nations refugee agency, have been bombed or suffered collateral damage during the recent emergency in Gaza...

As the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said, schools are for learning and must never become theatres of war. They should be safe havens for boys and girls and their violation is a crime against international law. And whatever the provocation, their militarisation - by whatever means - should be outlawed."

Read the rest of this arcticle from UN Special Envoy for Education, Gordon Brown, here.



This information was made available from A World at School - Global Faiths Coalition via the World Evangelical Alliance

Picture: Josselin Amalfi