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Partnership & Cooperation

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Partnership is a much-used descriptor of a wide range of relationships within the Micah Network. As members of a network of evangelical Christian relief, rehabilitation, development, environmental care and justice ministries, we relate to one another on the basis of our beliefs, shared values and shared commitment to integral mission. In responding to the circumstances of poor, marginalisedand oppressed communities through integral mission, we choose to work in partnership and intentionally seek greater cooperation with one another.

Partnerships can be defined as:

"mutually beneficial relationships of two or more autonomous bodies who share a common vision and are working towards a common goal" (Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association).

Micah Network brings together a spectrum of Christian missional organisations (aid agencies, mission societies, colleges and local churches), to share learning, to consult one another, to fellowship, stand together and develop a shared approach in integral mission.

The journey of enhancing and encouraging greater cooperation and partnership in mission is ongoing. Micah Network has developed material that seeks to support greater cooperation:

1.       Micah Network Partnership Values (May 2005)

2.       Micah Network Partnership Guidelines (May 2005)

3.       Proposal and Reporting Formats (revised September 2014)

"Partnership has undoubtedly become the victim of its own success; the term has been overused and applied to a whole range of organisational relationships." Vicky Brehm of Intrac suggested in 2000.

We have over the years discussed partnerships and explored various models and approaches. What makes a good partnership, what creates barriers to partnering? There are many guidelines, books and reference material that can advise us and best practice.

For Micah Network, our core values are essential, coupled with our shared vision and approach.

CB Samuel presented three important aspects of Partnering for Change at the CCD Conference in Germany in April 2012:

  1. Solidarity of Purpose
  2. Solidarity of Process
  3. Solidarity of the Consequences

Solidarity of Purpose: Micah Network was formed so as to draw on the corporate vision, experience and learning from aid and mission organisations, churches and colleges who are passionate about integral mission. In our Network together we can focus on how to strengthen local transformation as well as see the inter connectivity of issues which in turn have global impact. Together we raise awareness and dialogue on current pressing issues of concern. Our purpose is to see a global Christian community mobilised for transforming mission through the Gospel.

Solidarity of Process: the how to achieve this together is at the heart of integral mission. Our mission is to motivate and equip a global community of Christians to embrace and practice integral mission. Four distinct approaches are used in Micah Network:

1) Global Network, ensuring a strong Global South representation

2) A platform that brings together a wide range of Christian mission initiative: aid agencies, mission societies, seminaries / colleges and local churches.

3) Integration of theology and practice

4) Focus on poor, marginalised and oppressed communities, ensuring a holistic transformational response.

Solidarity of the Consequences: committing to walk the journey together and embrace the consequences of such a decision is vital. We do this through:

- Contributing to the Micah Network activities which help facilitate the shared mission

- Participating in the events, activities through sharing experiences, learning, listening and supporting one another

- Committing to take and share learning with our own organisations and churches so as to be a part of integral discipleship

- Campaigning together to strengthen the impact of our voice for justice

- Intentionally seeking ways to cooperate and partner with one another, respecting national contexts, culture and initiatives.

Funding Projects

Over the years organisations have approached Micah Network to seek financial support. Though we recognise that funding partnerships are an essential part of cooperation, we have intentionally opted to not have a funding role as this tends to change the dynamic of the Network and the motivation of organisations wishing to join the Network.

Micah Network is not a funding organisation. If you are seeking funding for a project please address this request to organisations which have this aim. Micah Network is not a platform to advertise your project financial needs, rather the added value of being a part of a global network is:

- Equipping one another to be the best we can be in our service

- Cooperating with one another and partnering so as to forward the mission of God

- Sharing our learning and experiences so as to enrich each other’s work and effectiveness

- Encouraging and supporting one another, which includes standing in the gap through prayer and intercession on behalf of one another both for each other and for those we serve

- Creating the resources that strengthen our effectiveness and ensuring easy access to them

- Working through our thinking and approaches on cross-cutting issues and on important topics that affect the communities we serve

- Bringing together the theological perspectives that underpin our actions and aspirations]

- Uniting together to forward advocacy issues

- Solidarity – standing together and sharing the responsibility of living out our faith in such a way as to demonstrate Kingdom values

- Networking and communication