Partnerships - Proposal and reporting formats

The newly revised Micah Network Proposal Formats and Guidelines are now available for use. The revision process can be reviewed here.

The rationale behind the standard proposal formats and guidelines is to:

1) Develop a consistent high quality proposal that helps guide best practice

2) To support Implementing Partners by encouraging Supporting Partners to commit to all use the same proposal format, thereby reducing bureaucracy.

3) To embed a holistic proposal format and guide that embraces an integral mission approach.

The formats have undergone a significant trial period which is now completed. The templates are now finalised.

They are also available in Spanish and French.




Plantilla de propuesta financiera red miqueas







The templates have not changed radically from the previous versions, but have been refreshed to respond to feedback from partners over the last few years and to keep up with changing ideas about good practice. The most significant change is probably the introduction of an alternative to the Logical Framework. Supporting Partners and Implementing Partners who would prefer to use a different method of summarising the changes they are seeking, can use an alternative section.

Don’t panic, the Logframe hasn’t been removed. A donor could stipulate that the Logframe should be used if that is what they prefer.

We hope that you will benefit from the use of these format templates. Although the period of revision and trial for these is now over, if you do have any comments or feedback, please send this to