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Post MDGs February update

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Dear friends

 Here is February's update to keep you up to speed with the post 2015 agenda:   Monrovia outcomes: It seems the Liberian capital's discussions were more fruitful than London! Claire Melamed from the ODI gives a brief analysis of what worked well and what more needs to be done. The High Level Panel also issued their Communique, that sets out some useful messages on integration of environmental sustainability and need for growth to be inclusive (addressing inequality)   Inequalities: Out of the 11 thematic consultations this theme has progressed the most and had a Leadership Meeting on Addressing Inequalities held in Copenhagen on 18-19 February. The process led by UNICEF and UN Women, delivered its report to the co-sponsors, Ghana and Denmark, at the Leadership meeting. For the statements from the chair, outcome documents and a video link please check out the page dedicated on theWorld We Want site   Pan African Climate Justice Alliance: This alliance held a workshop on 14– 15 February jointly organised by Christian Aid. The purpose of the gathering was to collect the thoughts of African Civil Society. You can learn more about their discussions  and their declaration, which covers calls for access to clean and green energy, peace, security and sustainable management of natural resources.    Disabilities and post MDG agenda: CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in low income regions of the world. They have launched a MDG resource kit online. This may be more familiar to those of you working in the sector, if not feel free to browse their site   Health petition: Some of the international health alliances have set up a petition calling for a range of aspects including " a dedicated, ambitious and specific health goal which focuses on ending HIV, TB and Malaria, newborn, child and maternal death, reproductive ill health and the main non-communicable diseases".   EU Communication: For those based in the EU who may have noticed that the European Commission’s Communication 'A Decent World for All' was released yesterday as the latest step to a common EU position on the post-2015 development framework.This Communication will form the basis of the EU's position in the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a UN General Assembly event on the MDGs in September (an event that will take stock of progress towards a global development framework from 2015   What's coming up in March?

  • Global Civil Society Conference in Bonn 20th -22nd March: A global gathering to discuss CSO positions for the new framework


  • UN High Level Panel meeting in Bali 24th -28th March: The penultimate meeting with a focus on global partnerships and particular attention will be on environmental sustainability ***Opportunity for any NGOs/CSOs based in Indonesia to apply for the workshops The deadline for applications is 6th March 2013***


  • Various thematic consultation meetings such as; health (Botswana 5th - 6th March), conflict and fragility (Finland 13th March), water (venue TBC 21st -22nd March). See World We Want Event Calendar for more info


  • No doubt there might be some national consultations happening. Remember to check if your country has either a UN Coordinator and/or Beyond 2015 Country Coordinator who can let you know about how you can get involved

   Finally and most importantly lets continue to pray for God's wisdom as we look for the most effective opportunities to engage and influence this debate.