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Micah Data Protection, Security and Privacy

Who is Micah?

Micah Global is an international network of Christians active in relief, development, care and advocacy

How does Micah collect information, contact details?

Member information:

  • An interested organisation or individual contacts Micah either via the web site, email or through attendance of an event. They complete a membership application form that asks for their organisation information and seeks permission to  retain the information to use in mailings and network connections.
  • The general information of the members (see below) is stored on the Micah web site (contact details are only accessible via a member log in), so as to allow the network to search and connect with one another.
    • Name
    • Contact Details
    • Web site
    • Introductory paragraph
    • Logo
  • Member contact details and correspondence information is stored on the Micah CRM online database, which is a secure programme only accessible through log in. Only members of the Micah staff team have access to this information.
  • Members may ask to be connected to other members within their county or country of work. This is part of the network role and responsibility.
  • Each member appoints a focal person who is tasked with being the conduit of information flow between the member organisation and Micah. The focal person forwards relevant mailings to the wider staff pool and partners. Staff and partners of the organisation may choose to sign up directly for mailings as well.
  • In some larger organisations, the focal person sends Micah a list of all staff who would like to receive the Micah mailings.

Contact Information:

  • Micah staff and members may meet with many organisations and individuals during the course of their work. This can be at:
    • Micah events, member events or strategic events Micah is invited to attend
    • Onsite meetings
    • Email and/or virtual meetings
  • Whenever a business card exchange is undertaken, Micah confirms with the contact that they will be included in the monthly newsletter mailing.
  • Whenever an email is received requesting to be linked to Micah, a confirmation email is returned informing the contact that they have been linked to the monthly newsletter and that they can unsubscribe directly off the mailing list if they no longer wish to receive it.
  • At Micah events, all participants are registered formally and requested on site to sign a registration confirmation form that will sign them up to the Micah newsletter.  They are invited to opt out if they so wish, either by not signing the form or by unsubscribing online.

How does Micah use information collected?

Micah never shares information with any third party. All information is strictly held within the network for networking enrichment, and internal information sharing.

Members can update their own information via a password protect log-in service on the Micah web site or via the mailing update option at the bottom of all Micah mailings.

Members can opt to remove any visible evidence of their membership for any reason. On application they are required to confirm whether they should be visible or not on the Micah site.

Event registration information is only available to the event manager.

Compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 25th May 2018

Micah has invited all members and contacts on our database to opt out if they no longer wish to receive mailings. A full information notice has been sent in May 2018, informing all of the new GDPR, and their rights and our responsibilities.

Micah commitment to data security

Micah has a secure CRM database called Kepla and uses MailChimp services to ensure all contacts can opt out (unsubscribe) at any time.

How to contact us

Should you have any queries or concerns about our privacy and security protocols please contact us by e-mail: info  at

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