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Global Consultation

09 Jan 2013

Partnership to Interdependence

Vinoth Ramachandra: Plenary on Thursday 13th… mais

09 Mar 2011

Partnerships between UNAIDS and the Faith-Based Community

Powerpoint presentation from Plenary Session at… mais

15 Mar 2011

Peace and Reconciliation by Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo

A transcript of a message from Rt. Rev.… mais

28 Jul 2011

Plenary Papers - Micah Network Global HIV Consultation 2008

Here you can download the transcripts from the… mais

27 Jul 2011

Plenary Sessions - 2006 Thailand Global Consultation

Integral Mission in a World of Conflict Here you… mais

15 Mar 2011

Queretero Declaration

An output of the 2003 Triennial Global… mais

08 Mar 2011

Rev James Jones: Prophetic Voices - Mobilising God's People

Transcript of the Bishop of Liverpool's address… mais

08 Mar 2011

Roles Of Churches In A World Living With HIV & AIDs

Transcript of Rev Francis Mkandawire's address at… mais

08 Mar 2011

Ruth Padilla de Borst: God's Earth and God's People

A message from Micah Network's 2009 Triennial… mais

08 Mar 2011

Stella Simiyu: Climate change & biodiversity

A presentation from Micah Network's 2009… mais