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28 Mar 2011

Micah Network Declaration on Integral Mission

The Micah Network Declaration on Integral… mais

29 Mar 2011

Micah Network Partnership Guidelines

A reading of the Micah Network Partnership… mais

13 Apr 2011

Micah Network Partnership Values

As members of a network of evangelical Christian… mais

09 Jan 2013

Partnership to Interdependence

Vinoth Ramachandra: Plenary on Thursday 13th… mais

05 Mar 2011

People of Compassion by Dave Andrews

'This is a collection of 40 stories about… mais

05 Mar 2011

Plan Be: Be The Change You Want To See In The World by Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews, author of Compassionate Community… mais

05 Mar 2011

See What I Mean? by Dave Andrews

See What I Mean? tells eight great stories about… mais

18 Mar 2011

Spirituality, Religion and Faith by Philomena Njeri Mwaura

African theologian Philomena Njeri Mwaura argues… mais

29 Mar 2011

Statement of Belief in Relation to Gender

An output of the 2009 Micah Network Strategic… mais

18 Mar 2011

The Challenge of Biblical Ethics by Jacob Tachen

A theological paper entitled 'Caring for my… mais