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Disability Forum

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Discussion forum for practitioners working to ensure good practice and inclusion of disability as a response in integral mission.


The purpose of the Micah Network Disability Forum is to link people working on or concerned with disability in order to:

  1. provide a space for development and dissemination of theological reflection on disability in different cultural and contextual settings
  2. advocate on disability inclusion as a critical development and ministry issue for Micah Network members and the broader community
  3. share information, learning, strategies and resources (e.g. technical support publications, theological reflections, case studies, good practices, policy and briefing papers and training materials) to better equip one another to respond to disability
  4. develop good practice guidelines and other resources where needed
  5. provide a space for fellowship and prayer for our work on disability
  6. act as a resource for the wider Micah Network member base (e.g. capacity building, speaking into the church and advocacy)

Expected output

  • Theological perspectives of disability
  • Good practice guidelines
  • Disability considered a cross cutting issue by all MN members


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