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Objective Three: Networking

To serve, support and share with one another, strengthening our inter-dependence and increasing our impact and mutual accountability.

Networks are set up to provide support to members. They evolve from an identified need and their role is often to focus on ways of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of their like-minded members.

Micah Network’s identified need is integral mission and the network seeks to create a support structure to enrich and enhance our practice of integral mission – we could term this integral discipleship.

Provide Support

Micah Network aims to maintain a register of members in order to facilitate the:

• Sharing of information on:

  • Good practices
  • Thematic development
  • Social justice issues
  • Membership skills and coverage
  • Opportunities

• Provision of platforms for:

  • Networking
  • Sharing
  • Learning
  • Fellowship
  • Growth

Increasing Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact

(Integral Discipleship)

Theological understanding promoted and shared so as to enable us:

• To articulate clearly what integral mission is

• To grow in our understanding of the nature and centrality of mission

• To raise awareness of the travesty of poverty, injustice and environmental degradation:

  • Biblical perspective
  • Holistic transformation
  • Roles and responsibilities

• Integral discipleship through the facilitation of theological conversations, development of supportive material, fellowship and intercession.

Good practice, where we together are able:

• To integrate, equip and practice integral mission:

  • Being: transformation of individuals, churches, communities (Christ centred)
  • Doing: responding to and demonstrating God’s love
  • Saying: sharing the Good News and speaking out for justice
  • Signs: manifestation of the Holy Spirit, gifts and fruits of the Spirit acting together

• To promote integral mission by actively seeking opportunities to engage in supporting the centralisation of missionwithin Micah Network and to the wider Christian community.

• Facilitate a series of actions and events to centralise mission:

  • Raise awareness of integral mission
  • Increase conversations / dialogue about integral mission

• Participate in global, regional and national initiatives to support integral mission

• Establish partnerships and cooperation with Christian organisations around the world to promote integral mission

Learning and improving and growing together by:

• Inspiring and motivating one anotherto embrace and practice integral mission through the sharing of testimonies of transformation

• Ensuring access to resources on integral mission

• Capturing learning which informs theology and practice

• Presenting / publishing discussions, case studies, learning, principles and resources on integral mission


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